CASA Information

CASA Medicals will require a half hour appointment and are charged at $200 (inc GST). A Class I medical with audiogram is charged at $225 (in GST)

All license applicants are required to fill in a medical questionnaire online at the CASA website. Please ensure that this is done prior to attending for your medical. If the questionnaire is not completed, then the medical may not be able to completed at that time.

The frequency of CASA medicals and special requirements for initial medicals is listed below:

Certificate Frequency Requirements on Initial Issue

Class 1 ATPL

12-monthly until age 60, then 6-monthly

Audio, Eye, ECG, Serum Lipids, Blood Glucose

Class 1 CPL


Audio, Eye, ECG, Serum Lipids, Blood Glucose

Class 2

Four-yearly until age 40, then two- yearly


Class 3


Audio, Eye, ECG, Serum Lipids, Blood Glucose

Blood tests, audiograms and ECGs should ideally be carried out prior to your appointment, but can be ordered at the time of your medical examination – this will however add a couple of days to the time it will take for the medical to be sent to CASA. Please ring 9749-6777 to arrange for blood tests and ECGs to be ordered and to arrange a time to pick up the relevant requests.

CASA have developed a new Medical Examination and Record System. The following links may be helpful in arranging your Aviation Medical.

  1. User Guide for pilots needing a Aviation Medical:
  1. Additional requirements for Class 1 and 3 applicants are required at specified ages. Details may be found on the Reference Chart: