Hogans Rd. Medical Centre is an accredited general practice that has been serving the Hoppers Crossing Community since 1988. The Practice is located on the corner of Cumming Drive and Hogans Rd. with an adjacent large car park.

New Patients as well as long term regular Patients are welcome, and all areas of medicine including treatment of Children, the Elderly, Women’s and Men’s Health are managed.

Emphasis is placed on Preventive Health Care, good communications with treating Specialists and allied health professionals, and maximising technology to promote effective communication.

All doctors at the Practice endeavour to have an understanding of the expanding available therapies to treat medical conditions. Maintaining medical education is a welcome challenge.

Hogans Rd. Medical Centre is serviced by a Melbourne Pathology Courier who visits throughout the day, and has nearby Radiology, Pathology and Pharmacy outlets.

The Practice currently has 3 Doctors and 3 Receptionists. Chronic conditions as well as acute health issues are managed with appropriate referral to Specialists when needed.

The doctors all have a good rapport with each other and are willing to liaise and learn from each other when possible.

We welcome any suggestions patients may have to improve our Practice and we encourage patients’ input in to their medical management.  We hope to maximise good health and quality of life for our Patients.

We thank you for supporting our Practice.